We asked over 1,000 homeowners how they hire residential contractors, from their initial research to choosing a winning bid.
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Plus, we have included an easy-to-use checklist you and your company can use to ensure you are set up for success. 

If you are looking to grow your business, this report is a must-have! It includes sections and data on: 

Researching Contractors

How and where homeowners research contractors so you can be sure to increase your presence where they are already looking.

Cost and Budgeting

The ways homeowners budget for home renovation and repairs and how they prefer to pay for your services.

Evaluating Contractors

How many competitive bids you go up against on average and what you can do to stand out on larger, higher-budget jobs.

Tech Trends

Why embracing and utilizing technology in your business can help you stand out and impress homeowners.

Contractor Takeaways

The main ways that contractors can stand out from the competition in today's highly-competitive environment. 

Current Industry Trends

Insights on current trends in the industry and how they impact residential contractors including Covid-19 and more.

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