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ArcSite changes the way that your team assesses project sites, presents estimates, and installs your customers' dream lawn.

It's as easy as drawing a picture. See for yourself.

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Turf expert Jared Menzel walks through the basics of ArcSite
for artificial lawn and turf companies. 

What is ArcSite's turf estimation software?

Our Synthetic Turf Software equips your company to handle all phases of your artificial turf projects, from sales to installation.

ArcSite allows your field team to quickly produce professional, turf layouts, and accurate customer proposals all while on the job site.

Turf companies who utilize ArcSite see an increase in efficiency in the field, more consistent sales from their team, and happier customers.


How ArcSite works for Turf Companies


Create professional CAD drawings on-site with your tablet.


Instantly present a clear scope of work to your customers.


Create your bill of materials, or takeoff, with the press of a button.


Customize ArcSite with the exact products your company uses on the job.


Instantly share information with your team, without leaving the job site.

Layers + Organization

Keep your site plans tidy, organized, and legible  with layers. 

  • 955796_DrawingFeaturesWebsiteAssetV3_2_012721 (1)-1

    Turf Drawing Software

    Easily create accurate and precise site plans of your job site with annotations and notes using the leading Turf Drawing Software

  • Estimates and Proposals 2

    Turf Estimate Software

    Create a custom proposal that is generated instantly from your site plan with our Turf estimation software. ArcSite allows you to easily show customers various scopes of work depending on their budget and needs. 

  • Takeoff_ArcSite

    Turf Takeoff Software

    Instantly generate a precise bill of materials by simply drawing your job site and inserting products. No more painstaking calculations to determine how many rolls of turf or seam tape are needed with our Turf Takeoff Software.

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    Customized Product Selection

    Use your exact products in your drawings to create your takeoff and estimates. Track quantities, cost, and other attributes of the items in your drawing with our Products feature. Make sure your team always collects the necessary information with our required fields.

  • 957406_CollaborationFeaturesWebsiteAsset_2_020421

    Turf Collaboration Software

    Easily access and combine reports from multiple team members on our cloud site. ArcSite makes it easier to manage your team of estimators and installers with our Collaboration features.

  • Layers

    Layers + Organization

    Keeping track of your turf rolls, underlays, seam tape, and other materials is easy with layers in ArcSite. Keeping your drawings clean and tidy is important in communicating with your team and customers. 


5 Proven Methods for Synthetic Turf Installers to Improve Profitability

We teamed up with Ask JW to create a list of simple but powerful things you can do as a synthetic turf pro to eliminate waste and increase your margins. Don't sleep on this great guide for all synthetic turf installers.

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Design, Quote, and Finish the job in one app

ArcSite is the world's most advanced estimating software for artificial turf. Quickly and easily estimate your jobs, without having to manually enter any information or do calculations.

The best part? You can finish a quote in under 5 minutes!

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See how ArcSite can work for your business.

Let us show you how ArcSite can speed up your workflow, reduce your time spent per inspection, and increase your close rates. 

50% less time wasted in the field

33% increase in revenue

52% increase in close rates


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Want to know more about ArcSite's turf estimation software?

What are the benefits to using ArcSite?

Using ArcSite elevates all levels of your business.

Stand apart from your competition by offering quicker and more professional quotes to customers.

Operate more efficiently by reducing the time spent quoting and installing, as well as digitizing your workflow. ArcSite can bring your business to the next level.

What platforms is ArcSite available for?

ArcSite is available on Apple iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android devices. 

Does ArcSite integrate with other programs?

Yes, ArcSite integrates with popular accounting and CRM platforms at our Enterprise level to keep every aspect of your service business connected and up-to-date.

See all of our integrations.

How can software grow an Artificial Turf and Lawn business?

Using ArcSite changes the way your business operates.

Higher close rates and more efficient installs lead to increased profitability and opportunities for growth.

What if my team is old-school and doesn't like new technology?

ArcSite is designed to be easy-to-use, with relatively little training. After just an hour or two using the app, your team will be up and running like the pros they are.